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Originally Posted by Super Sammy! View Post
Dear Niall,

Is there any particular reason why my nose keeps running although I am not sick? After all, you're training to be a doctor, you should know these things.

With love,
You may have a minor infection in your sinuses. Or you have an allergy to your own face. I'd suggest wrapping in tinfoil and linseed oil then reciting the prayer of twelve hundred hingèd legged ground beasts praying to Ba'al.

Does the trick.


Originally Posted by melon View Post
Dear Niall,

I <3 you and when is the next boat party?!

SOON. I'm skyping with Kat and we'll organise a proper party or we can do one of those massive everyone parties.

Like the time I got naked.


Originally Posted by JessicaSarahS View Post
Dear Niall,

Do you drink coffee? If so, how do you like it? I just bought some peppermint mocha creamer and it is delicious.

- Jessica
I had coffee for the first time in 3 years earlier. I had a sip of my friends chilled vanilla latte with cream early and it was so good. I'm a tea man. You know 60 billions cups of tea a year are drunken in Britain every year? That's 135 million a day, and there are only 70 million of us.


Originally Posted by Neil. View Post
This is cool. Ask Niall is like for scientific answers to dumb questions!

I wish i was still a mod too, or at least something like a colourdy undertitle, or even being able to lol at the sexual tension in the mod section . Those were good times. That being said, james90 is doing a great job in KnT, and he's definely got more time to devote to it than me!

That's crazy about the snack thing. I never would have thought tasty treats had such a historical past....

Dear Niall,

How can i bzzzzzzzt with my kaoss pad like matt bellamee? (this question has plagued knt recently...)

Hmm. I think you should probably tell them to run as many volts of electric into in and them ask them to spit on it and then kiss bellamee shrine and then die of too many electrics.

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