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Originally Posted by EJD View Post
Meh, it came up as one of those "dont steal our bandwidth oolololol, no hotlinking" pics.
Ma name is EJD
Yeh you know me
My name is EJD
Hold on, I have to pee

Yeh my name's EJD and i've got a weak bladder
I'm weak and harmless like your common English Adder
I have to wear nappies and nothing makes me madder
Than feeling that flow start while i'm at the top of my ladder

I slide down quick like a fucking macho man
It's just I don't look it 'cos I went and wet my pants
It feels like my nappy's on strike like it comes from fucking france
Only half way to the bog I never stood a chance!..

Yep, you've guessed it, I managed to shit-em
No wonder the girls never want to let me get my dick-in
Even after disinfecting my dick i'm not allowed to prick-em
'cos who wants a water infection from a feaces coated erection.

Uh, motherfucker
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