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Originally Posted by MartinSM View Post
I've always thought The Resitance would have been much better if the order was better. The way it is is a bit of a mess, there's no narrative that a title like The Resistance and songs like Uprising would suggest, and the theme doesn't always stick, Undisclosed Desires doesn't really have anything to do with the concept of the album at all. If the tracks were rearranged, a number of stories could be told, depending on the order. It could follow the 'narrator' as he becomes more involved with this resistance movement, by starting with UD and IBTY, and progressing through Resistance and the idea of peacefull protest and resisting through emotion, to all out violent, physical resistance on Uprising and Unnatural Selection. The possition of USoE would be pivotal in deciding whether the resistance is successfull or not, at the end would sugest they failed, closer to the start it would simply describe the setting. To a lesser extent this also works for Guiding Light, which wouldn't be so bad it TR was more of a concept album. Exogenesis would always have to be at the end, and could also be used as an epilogue, suggesting that the system and/or the resistance to it have brought about the end of the world.

I've probably well over-thought this, so on a simpler level, I'd move IBTY, it kills what would be a fantastic transition from MKULTRA into Exogenesis, and I'd think about moving US earlier, to distribute the rock parts better. If it was up to me, Uprising would have the riff and more prominant guitar to make it more similar to the live version, which simply blows the album version away.
I actually completely agree. It's such a shame how fans can think of better track orders than the band themselves.
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