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I do read the other threads as well.. Musicians should have the freedom to create the music they like to create, this is not easy for young bands, sure, but Muse is an established band. And if they'd do a Hip Hop album next, hell why not? Not sure if I'd like it

Popmusic today is manufactured to please the most of people, that's why I don't like most of it, either everything sounds the same, or it was written/produced by the same people, I mean, this is boring. You need to filter out the good music. It's still there, but - in my opinion - not as much as it used to be. So muse are doing popsongs as well, but I still see them as a rock band. I like the diversity in their songs, not only the same ol' rock songs every album, but pop here and some funk there, some electro here and some classical stuff there. Find a band nowadays who can do this, and do it good.

Ok, enough praise now )))
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