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Originally Posted by Mc Queen View Post
So, the positive Muse discussion thread! I'm torn whether to continue reading the other one. I already try to skip certain posts except for links because I'm fed up of all that negativity pouring out of them, but I don't want to miss the videos and such posted We should create an automatic transfer service to here for links only...

Montreux, well... I'm happy they showed they CAN still play these songs. I would have done a lot to get Hyper Music and others.
But y'know, I enjoyed my gig, I couldn't make this one, and even though we'll probably never see the recordings, I hope something good amateur will at least find it's way to us.

Claudia, you mean further (doesn't work like 'weit - weiter', it's far - further. But don't ask me why, I have no clue )
English logic is like Muse logic
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