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Yes! I am a bit between the fronts. I am happy for the people who went to Montreux amd got that setlist, but I understand the others argueing about it being at a "Festival" without proper information before. Dom hinted to a special gig in Montreux in an interview, so some expected 1-2 rarities. But not this
I don't get people complaining who seen tons of gigs already, met them several times or just moan about everything Muse is doing.

I also wanted to have CE in my Vienna gig, or B&H etc. But I so much enjoyed the gig that I was happy-go-lucky even without them. Count me in for a rarities-tour, if they do it in Austria. Can't go to the UK or farther..I have a job, a family, and other things in mind than travelling the world...
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