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Effy Stonem would not go to here brother's birthday party. She would take substances with numbers in their names in a warehouse while something by SBTRKT plays in the background.

(Don't do that.)

Go to the birthday and make everything third drink a small soft drink. Half a pint of coke or something. It doesn't really matter what the alcoholic drinks are, the mixing of drinks thing is a myth. When you get home, eat something rich in carbohydrates and fats but not too pungent or aromatic. Maybe potato waffles or hash browns or something. And drink as much water as you possibly can. Take the full dose of ibuprofen and paracetamol preemptively. Keep water near your bed. Set an alarm for a reasonable time in the morning but not too early, or leave the curtain open so the sun wakes you. You can then spend Sunday doing the project.
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