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Originally Posted by sayaka
How nice!My parents never bought me CDs
I became a Muse fan since I watched T.I.R.O. video.Maybe It was in the fall before last.(And three months later,they came to Japan for gigs! Of course,I went.I'm LUCKY )But I already have watched Hyper Music video before watch T.I.R.O. video .At that time,I'm not so interested in them ....I don't know why

OK, I can't write anymore in English this time

And I'm glad to here that you like Japan.

see ya
Well,they don't buy me many CDs in fact,but it's tradition that,in January 6th,you buy gifts for your family.Actually,it's the only time of the year where they bought me CDs,I have to survive with my pocket money(and there's soooooooooo many manga and anime to buy ).Damn!I have not seen the Hyper Music video ...

Actually,I don't like Japan...I love it!!!!!!!

see ya!
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