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Originally Posted by vspirit View Post
nooo i mean i want him to get them ticks on my behalf. he's more likely to catch wind of it soon than i am. and it's less about the job and more about my...uh...character. i can be a bit...well, i'm the dreaming sort, if you catch my drift.

but if you're still curious about my job, well, what i'm supposed to do is to teach foreigners like the Japanese and Korean how to communicate better in English, but what I do for real is just chat up a storm with them, in whatever language that gets through, body (language) included. but shhh don't tell my boss. i'm also secretly trying to convert some of them to some of the music i listen to, which as you know, includes you-know-what.

Cool.. I'm sure some of the japanese know about Muse. The other day i saw a japanese guy and he was wearing a Radiohead tee, so i came up to him and said, "you must be a fan of them" (points at Tshirt). Then he was so excited, as you know how japanese ppl are so animated. I asked if he listens to Muse and he said "so-so".

No moral in the story just something i felt like sharing.
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