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I think it's a given Uprising will stay, but I wonder what other TR songs they will keep. UD and Guiding Light need to go and I'm fairly certain they will. I assume it's down to USoE, Resistance (since it was a single and works better live than UD) and what I would prefer over all the other options, Unnatural Selection. Honestly, judging by their "credentials"# only Uprising "should" stay, but I think it would be too embarrasing to drop nearly all TR songs.

# I mean commercial success and fan interest combined

I don't see Hysteria, SS, SMBH, KoC, Starlight going, even if I really hope Starlight (and TIRO) get the boot.

MoTP has been a staple for so long and works live well so I suppose it could stay, but I wouldn't be surprised if it goes.

I really hope they retire FG for good, there is absolutely no reason for it to stay. I mean, six albums+ B-sides and playing a cover regularly?NB might go too, especially since SOMETHING has to go to make room for the new songs, but if they want to feature older songs, it wouldn't surprise me if CE takes NB's place. I can't see PiB going anywhere.

So maybe

Hysteria, SS, Starlight, TIRO
Uprising + one TR song

as the base,

completed with 5 new songs (including Survival)

adds to 15...leaves two songs for rotation since last gigs on the tour had about 17 songs.

EDIT: Damn that looks depressing
This too shall pass.
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