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Tbh, I wouldn't mind if they dropped Newborn. Felt uninspired to me the entire TR era.
Already in 2006 I was growing tired of it live but then at the summer festivals in 2007 with the outros and gliteratti, etc (Pinkpop ) it felt new, so it was alright. It can go, as far as I'm conerned, and be brought back ocasionally.

UD will be TR's Invincible: a single, everyone complaining about it being played and then dropped never to be seen again in the tour that followed

Unnatural Selection will probably not be played again and be this labum's 'Assasin' And it was sooo good live waaaah The middle section was one of my highlights at Wembley in 2010.

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I bet they'll drop ss and play it like they did with bliss.
i have a bad feeling .
Not sure SS will be played everytime if there is a 'replacement' for it in the new album. The new album will apparently feature their heaviest/loudest song to date soooo....
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The Muse forums: where Take That and Lady Gaga fans come to deride Muse for making poppy songs and having predictable setlists with over the top production.

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Muse is futuristic, glam science shaken with a galactic heart
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