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If you had a time machine.

Of any gig Muse have ever done (or will do), which 5 in particular would you choose to go and see? Just curious of people's thoughts.

For me, in no particular order, it's:

Astoria, London, 2000
Bizarre Festial, Germany, 2000
Glastonbury 2004
Rock Am Ring, Germany, 2004
Big Day Out, Sydney, 2004.

Originally Posted by TheHeightOfHipocrasy View Post
So, you know how most moderately-sucessful bands have tribute bands that name themselves after a song or such the band has done.
So the Beatles have the Lonely Hearts Club tribute band, and Led Zepellin have the Stairway to Heaven tribute band, well, I just cannot figure
out for the life of me what Muse has to do with Radiohead...
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