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Originally Posted by Hopix View Post
Sure, "Brostep" sounds a little dumb, but I think the distinction between an artist like Distance and one like Skrillex is important to make.

And to bring the topic back to Muse. I'd say Isolated System reminds me more of Distance, and Unsustainable sounds more like Skrillex.
Isolated System sounds nothing like Distance or Dubstep. Couldn't be any further away from it if it tried. If you want to define it as a genre, probably closest to Post-Rock, with the slowed down Motorik beat, use of strings and electronics, being a somewhat ambient track, use of repetition etc.

"Brostep" isn't just about making that distinction, its also criticising it for what is seen as its target demographic and how it effectively 'whitewashed' a genre that came from multiculturalism in Southern England. Its an insult.
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