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Originally Posted by SerpentSatellite View Post
Considering the aggressive tone of most "my evil parents fucked me up" rock lyrics, I have a soft spot for Escape, which seems to indicate more personal reflection and concern for other family members feelings that doesn't seem common at that age.
I suppose. Again, maybe it was intentionally written to sound like it was from the perspective of a child or teenager whose parents were breaking up.

Originally Posted by SerpentSatellite View Post
Dead Star gives the impression that the girl complains about being single to the boy who is in love with her. I really don't see slutshaming in it, and it could have been a dark yet relatable thing, but the very literal threats of harm make it rather... Um... Inappropriate.
Originally Posted by DifferentPerson View Post
I don't know why but I never took the "sleep with" line in Dead Star to literally mean sleeping with someone. I think I read at some point that DS was heavily influenced by the political climate around and immediately after 9/11, so I guess I assumed there was some political inference in the lyrics. To me, it sounds like Matt's asking why you would take sides with a government that doesn't seek to protect it's own people (or something like that) but using the analogy of a relationship. Kind of the opposite of Drones (the album), now that I think about it

I might be reading too much into this but that's my interpretation of the line and why I never thought it sounded weird or rapey
Originally Posted by Jobby View Post
I think that was around the time he started using bigger political issues as a way of avoiding talking about his personal life though tbf. Personally, I find the lyrics hard to look at from that perspective. They just seem too personal to really be about a wide-stretching event like that. Musically, I can see how the claustrophobic-yet-chaotic feel could've reflected the vibe at the time though.

Me and my interpretation could be wrong, like.
I've heard many different interpretations of this song. Does MuseWiki say anything about it?
"Matt said that the meaning of Dead Star along with In Your World it's about "how we should be responsible for our individual actions and not blame other people all the time" and added "I believe in the butterfly, or ripple, effect and that any individual's actions will have a cause and effect that they may not know about, not just on the people near them, but on others; sixth degrees of separation and all that. And that's what the songs are about.... I sort of got into that kind of thing, looking into space and all that - bit embarrassing, really. I'm a bit of a Star Trek fan in secret, but don't tell anyone (laughs). The song is about, let me think, it kind of how everyone reacted to the 11 September thing. We were in Boston at the time, we got stuck there, and that's when we recorded those songs. So, in some ways, the lyrics are a little bit about the hysteria around that time and how people were really quick to point fingers at everyone else when they should have pointed fingers at themselves.""
...Huh. Well, I certainly wouldn't have guessed that immediately. Especially seeing how it certainly sounds like it's about a girl.

Originally Posted by BlueEyedFloozy View Post
Wheeee! I'm a cultural vacuum Still cheesy though. The Bard invented cheese. It's true.
It's okay, I only know that it was from Shakespeare because my dad is a former English teacher.

Originally Posted by Jobby View Post
I can connect with Escape tbh, some of the lyrics in the middle are actually quite hard for me to listen to. Those two lines are a bit goofy but I can forgive it given his age and the topic. It's more in the music where I dislike Escape.
Understandable. If your parents are divorcing or having an argument, it's not the lyrics of Escape that matter as much as the end passion he puts into singing it.
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