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Originally Posted by TheHappySpaceman View Post
Any thoughts on the "Escape" lyrics?
I can connect with Escape tbh, some of the lyrics in the middle are actually quite hard for me to listen to. Those two lines are a bit goofy but I can forgive it given his age and the topic. It's more in the music where I dislike Escape.

Originally Posted by DifferentPerson View Post
I think I read at some point that DS was heavily influenced by the political climate around and immediately after 9/11, so I guess I assumed there was some political inference in the lyrics. To me, it sounds like Matt's asking why you would take sides with a government that doesn't seek to protect it's own people (or something like that) but using the analogy of a relationship. Kind of the opposite of Drones (the album), now that I think about it
I think that was around the time he started using bigger political issues as a way of avoiding talking about his personal life though tbf. Personally, I find the lyrics hard to look at from that perspective. They just seem too personal to really be about a wide-stretching event like that. Musically, I can see how the claustrophobic-yet-chaotic feel could've reflected the vibe at the time though.

Me and my interpretation could be wrong, like.
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