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Dead Star, Knights of Cydonia, and Escape

Originally Posted by Tjet View Post
That doesn't exactly make it better.
Well, it at least sounds less rapey... kind of?

Originally Posted by BlueEyedFloozy View Post
Is supremely cheesy, but...y'know, Knights. It works but oh god it's smothered in Parmesan.
I think that line also works because it's a reference to King Richard’s soliloquy from Act 5 Scene 5 of Shakespeare’s Richard II.

Any thoughts on the "Escape" lyrics?

Originally Posted by TheHappySpaceman View Post
Oh man, here are some more great ones, both from Escape:
Your brain needs some assistance
I didn't realize I was talking to the living dead

I know he wrote the song about his parents divorcing, so you could make the argument that he intended these lines to sound like a little kid wrote them, but still.
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