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A subtle sense of absence
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That DI line is pretty much the opposite of how people are interpreting it when they complain about it; it's not Matt saying he's an amazing person, it's saying that he's keeping up appearances of being a good person but has become a manipulative asshole in reality.

Originally Posted by Tjet View Post
Sounds like the creepy nice guy who won't accept that he's been rejected.

Once I really started thinking about Dead Star, I got really put off of it, and I haven't listened to it in ages.

If it was just a "nice guy" who's in love with a female friend who doesn't reciprocate, and the guy friend not being able to accept that she can say she's lonely and still not be physically attracted to him... well, it's whiney and entitled, but it's still relatable.

The snarling and threats however, make it something a LOT more uncomfortable and abusive, and I feel weird listening to it.
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