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I was in seats for the O2 2009 gig I went to (when I picked the wrong night) and my tickets were in the 40 range. Not quite two for the price of one to this one, although MuseWiki says Wembley in 2007 was 37...

I thought 65 was excessive for the 2012 arena show and refused to pay it, then wound up going on a 30 behind-stage seat, which would've been great had it not been for the oddly sterile nature of the sound. Seeing as I wasn't entirely happy with that, 50 (nearly as much as Emirates 2013) for the same seats and 75 for GA makes me wonder if they've lost their minds. Either that or hopeful I'd get what I think would be money's worth - a 2 1/2 hour set and proper drones rather than those shitty things people normally crash into parks. Wishful thinking ofc.

Yet there's still a shitload of people both on here and on Twitter prepared to pay it, so maybe I'm the crazy one...
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