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I of course agree that there is more to it than Trump voter=Brexit voter=racist lowlife.
I can symphatise with Brexit voters a lot, and understand where lot of that resentment comes from, informed or not. That being said, there is definitely the same undercurrent in these national movements. Look also at Poland, Hungary in particular. From a sociopolitical point of view it is interesting how these movements don't seem to fit into the traditional left-right axis anymore. I mean, now it is the (Social) Democrat and Labour -the left- voters angry at leaving a free trade area, and the conservatives angry at global economics eliminating jobs and driving down wages.

The thing with justifying Matt's Brexit views (to which he is perfectly entitled to, of course) on "direct democracy" grounds doesn't really make much sense though, if you look at the spesifics: apparently he is fine with soft brexit only and wants to stay in the single market.
How does it serve "direct democracy" when the rules would be made by others and you have to follow it without having any say in them?

(Oh and to comment on the earlier discussion, I also agree that some of the conspiracy stuff was played up/in jest. I thought this was obvious, but it leads to the question that why you would want to treat your art as a joke? Also, it's an argument against direct democracy that a puzzling amount of people buy into that type of nonsense for real...)
This too shall pass.
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