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Originally Posted by SerpentSatellite View Post
I wonder why they picked that particular festival when the south and Midwest are just lousy with those kind of rednecky rock festivals all summer and many of the bands in the lineup do multiple ones.
Or why they picked that type of festival at all. Poor research?
Would absolutely love it (and not put it past them) to just rock up and have no clue.

Originally Posted by halo eighteen View Post
SOAD, RATM... Lord, I need a nap.

I really do hope they dust off Dead Star, Assassin, New Born etc. at this show, but.. it is America. At least maybe they can relate to Incubus who are also performing on the same day. There's another band who have adapted a sound that I wouldn't expect a lot of hard rock/metal fans to fully embrace anymore.
Think I said on the last page that I imagine they’ll avoid going too deep w/ any heavier cuts if they do change it up, particularly anything pre-Abso. Of the hits/staples, they’re fine keeping Psycho, Thought Contagion, Handler, Supermassive, Hysteria, TIRO, Knights, Uprising and potentially even Mercy and Dead Inside. Dig Down might be a stretch but I can see them gambling and keeping it. Then just fill out the other 5-8 slots with anything from: Reapers, Stockholm, Butterflies, Map, Supremacy, Globalist, TAB, New Born, Agitated/Yes Please, Animals, Unnatural Selection or maybe CE. Micro Cuts/Dead Star/Assassin might have a slim chance but I’d put those songs way above first.

Originally Posted by forevermusic View Post
Its still quite something they soundchecked Micro Cuts and Citizen Erased at that LA gig with RATM, then instead gave them Undisclosed Desires and Resistance. Though they did seem to get away with it.
It’s not unheard of for them to soundcheck songs they’re not even considering playing that night though tbf. Plus, the OOS gigs were just around the corner back then.
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