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Originally Posted by halo eighteen View Post - more of a special one-time thing event but that article even mentions that Lauryn Hill beefed up her performance to suit the other acts on the bill.

I admittedly don't know (or care) a thing about Carolina Rebellion, but they booked Def Leppard to headline last year. Clearly there's a precedent there for cheese.
SOAD didn’t play LA Rising, unless you mean something else? Either way, there obvs wasn’t a heavy rock theme to that show - it was just set up by RATM to include acts they liked or were similar-ish.

Carolina Rebellion is pretty much just like Download by the sound of it. You get exactly the same cheesy hard rock/hair metal bands playing there but it’s still a heavy festival. Whether or not Muse’ll take that into account in the same way or even know idk but, in theory, there’s no reason for them not to.
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