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'Hot Press ' review Muse at Oxegen

Today I got 'Hot Press' magazine,a small article about Muse at Oxegen.


Muse are a safe bet in any festival line-up.High on pomp and considerably larger than life,their music never fails to satisfy the mosh-hungry masses.Plus,their light show is guaranteed to dazzle.
Clad in an immaculate red metallic suit and blue flashing LED glasses,it'd be virtually impossible for Matt Bellamy not to look like a regulation Rock God.There's a smidgeon of Freddie Mercury on the pose,and,later on the piano stool.
'Supermassive Black Hole' and set closer 'Knights Of Cydonia' are playful and brash,while 'Time Is Running Out' and 'Citizen Erased' are glorious examples of straight-up breakneck rock.The material from last year's 'The Resistance' album boasts even more glamour and drama on stage than it does on record with 'Uprising' and 'United States Of Eurasia' sounding particulary alluring.
There's just one problem.The band's performance is indulgent and there is never any sense of them reaching out to woo the unconverted in the audience.Hardcore fans lap it up.The rest of us can be forgiven for feeling curiously unmoved.
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