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So even though we know the band was asked about it frequently, thus that people were trying to link them together, you still don't think that's a problem in any way?

People tend to take things at face value, and yes, absolutely if Muse came out in support of something along the lines of fascist, bigoted, anti-woman or anti-LBGT I would stop listening to and supporting them.
(Not that I agree with Matts political views, but they've typically been more silly than outright biased.)
Please actually read what I write. The Beck case is different because they were continually asked about it. They did what I wrote, and said they don't agree with him. What I'm talking about is what the original poster is talking about. If Muse went out of their way and made a big deal out of nothing, it wouldn't look good in my eyes.
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I give you all the award of Lamest Fanbase 2015
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