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Ok this is actually serious.

The user PlugInShowbiz sold me a drum stick signed by Dom (pics and all) for 50 euros. I paid for it via PayPal about 5 months ago and it has never arrived. I believe i've been conned out of this

I posted this in the old thread and no one took it serious but I took it a bit further.
I contacted her via a different form of contact semi-anonymously asking her if I could buy a drum stick I saw advertised a few months ago on here.
She said she decided not to sell it. So not only has she conned me out of 50 euros, she has also lied about the drum stick being posted and also never told me of her change of mind.

Because I did it via PayPal I can report JESSICA SHADWICK (That's who I bought it from - shaddywick on Twitter) and get my money back plus PayPal will fine her. I am unsure, do you think I should report her?

She also said on Twitter that it was never her. First she decided to not sell it she said, and then said it was never her. It doesn't add up. She contacted me when I wanted to first buy it via Gmail, and her Gmail profile picture is the same as her Twitter profile, so it certainly is her.
Also, if I now reply to her, she has blocked me on Twitter. She clearly doesn't want to co-operate All I want is my money back

I am very annoyed that I have had to come to this. I was promised a signed drumstick of Dom by a supposedly trusted and popular muser, and now I have this problem!

What do you think I should do? I am not finished and won't be unless I either have the drum stick or my money back.

I don't know if this is the right place to post but it is the most suitable sounding thread.

Please PM me, I have taken contact with all members of Muse and Tom Kirk. I will email Kirk later with an explanation to see if anything can be done, as Jessica can not co-operate. She seems to be refusing to.

Thanks! I hope one of you can help me!


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