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For about 5 and a Mars, and in less than an hour, you can peddlebord while you IKEA!

I saw this on another website a while back and thought, fuck this, i need something to sort out my wiring disaster. So, on my first ever trip out to IKEA, i got 2 Gorm shelves, and two short slat things that are on the same shelf thing as the Gorm shelves in IKEA. IKEA!!!

So anyway, here's a little photoessay on how to IKEA.

Step 1. here's what i'm starting off with. I went for the longest gorm shelf that IKEA do. It's a bit shorter than a metre, maybe 80cm? (that's about 3 foot for you backwards folk.) and the short slat things are probably about 55-60cm.

Step 2. Mark it out. I positioned my back support on the back horizontal piece of the shelf about 15mm from the edge. It gives a good pitch on it, and provides good structure. if you're handy with woodworking, you could probably cut the slat thing in two and make two side pieces, but i like where it is, cos i'll hide my plugs in there (boss adaptor, whammy, etc.). I just used a standard 2B pencil for it. I sharpened it with a stanley cos i couldn't find a sharpener. You could probably use a HB pencil if you were stuck.

Step 3. L Plates. The wood is really soft, and i was feeling moderately lasy and annoyed after blowing the inductor on my DV. So, i used my old trusty stanley knife for a pilot hole. you should get an L Plate with the upright thing. You only get ONE though (WTF!?). So you might need to either buy a second set of uprights, or buy another L plate. I think i paid 4 (4) for the upright, so it's not exactly expensive. An L plate might actually cost you more. Screw them in place. I did the upright first.

Step 4. Do the same with the Main shelf thingy. That's basically it. You can do whatever else you want with it from there. I plan on putting something grippy on the top and then painting it black and copper. But for the moment, you can see how it works. For example, here, i'm hiding a 2m cable underneath while i connect my shoe to my unfinished DV with plenty of space for an assembly manual. There's loads of space underneath for plugs, cables, and maybe even a McTasty. Total build time, maybe 45mins?

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