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Originally Posted by james90 View Post
Sort of - it was the same guitar, but it had a solid black finish and dimarzio pickups.

The playability was probably the best thing about it. nice fast neck, although maybe a tad flat.

sound was great, although I imagine the one you're looking at is better as the dimarzios weren't even the ones you can buy off the shelf. they were mass produced for fender or something like that.

the only thing that i found a bit odd is that it was really light and thin. usually i'd expect a tele to be a big heavy slab of wood, but this wasn't. not saying that's a bad thing though.

i'd say it's worth it anyway, the korean fenders are generally really good for the price and have great features

looks great with pickup covers too

Oh, I remember that one! That's the one I'm looking at, with different pups of course. Think I'm just gonna go for it... after I bought that Mansonmodded Tele and ended up selling it I swore I'd never buy a guitar without trying it but

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