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Originally Posted by NickVanHowen View Post
Got 2 tickets too.
From a friend who tried too with no luck, it seems that if you use the same code in 2 browsers on the same computer, or on 2 devices, at 10am it throws all your connections out of the waiting line and now it seems the code was voided (maybe to prevent people sharing a code?)
I used the same code in two browsers, it took a while but I eventually got through to the "book tickets" page in the first browser, managed to get tickets a few times only to lose them again, the finally got through to another waiting line and managed to get tickets.

While I was using the first browser, I also got to the "book tickets" page in the other browser, but didn't get any tickets there. I didn't lose the connection though. Maybe I was just lucky.

This is the first time I've been able to get tickets so I prefer Fnac to Ticketmaster now, at least Fnac doesn't have the "prove you're not a robot" nonsense.
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