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Originally Posted by NickVanHowen View Post
You need to select "Carte Bancaire" not "e-Carte Bleue" on the page where you select the tickets.

If there is no more tickets, keep trying as I said before on the Fnac site when people are not able to pay (crash, problem linking to 3DSecure,...) they need to do everything again from the start so their tickets are available again for a short time.
Thanks, I didn't notice another option but granted I was rushing! I think it's probably too late now

edit: just saw that page again, and noticed the two seperate options. I thought I needed to tick both so selected the first (correct) one then the next one which switched it to the wrong option. Oh well

edit2: actually the more I think about it. Why on earth would they lock you into a payment option before getting to the payment screen?!

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