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can you help out at all???

I ordered items on 10/09/09, they took a month to get delivered.
In the order are two Seaside Rendezvous posters and one Limitied Edition print poster.
They were posted to me in a flat cardboard 'package', not a postal tube.

All three posters are badly damaged. The package was folded in half, badly creasing them.
Also, there is a gap in the parcel which you can see the face of one of the posters through. The prize-winner that taped it up has gone stright over the gap with parcel tape and stuck it to the face of the poster!!!!!

Up to now, I have emailed the shop five times since 13/10/09 and they still have not replied. I included photos twice to show the damage.

I have PM'd Sam but no response there.

I want new posters sending out to me in a postal tube (how daring.we are in Europe!!), but they just aren't playing the game. I'll keep emailing them but its not good enough. Plus, why should I call an 0845 for what is their problem???

They've had the money from the word go, even when the items were out of stock (although they were always shown as in stock).

Is there anything you can do?

edit: I've emailed but posted here too.
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