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Twitter icon Shop Support (Read here before making a thread about the shop/a order)

Please do not create a thread in this forum for any shop enquiries!

On this forum we are extremely limited in how we can help with any of your orders. 99 times out of 100 the only course of action recommended is to contact Help Centre for assistance. We do not have any extra information on the shop, orders or products sold. So do consider that before reading on.

Please note this thread is geared mainly towards the worldwide shop at for orders from the us store check instead.

This thread is to be used for all matters relating to the shop which cannot be resolved by this simple email. A few frequently asked questions are below, please do not ask

{Item X} is out of stock, will this be coming back into stock, and if so when?
Sorry we do not have this information ever for any products. Contact Help Centre.

My order has not arrived yet, can you tell me why?
Again we do not have this information, at the very best vague reasons can be given (i.e. mail strikes etc) but without knowing the specifics for any order we cannot provide accurate or helpful information, nor are we provided with it. Contact Help Centre or check your orders at [URL]]

How long will {Item X} be available for?
We have no idea, contact Help Centre.

I saw this merch at {Show Y} will this be available in the store?
Again no idea, I'm afraid. Maybe emailing the shop will yield results but probably not, just a wait and see normally.

Can you explain the sizing in the store?
We don't have any info apart from whats on the site i'm afraid.

I have contacted Help Centre and they haven't replied
They can be a bit slow with their replies at times, give them time. If the time length before a reply is unreasonable, either email them again or send an email to You can post/rant about it here, but we'll not be much help.

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