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Originally Posted by HaikuMarko View Post
I'm not from Europe or went to Euro gigs but the setlist-polls was a joke!
Damn right it was a joke. And it was a bad one at that.

Management: "Let's let the fans vote for songs this summer!"

Muse: "YEAH!"

*fans vote*

Management: "Oh, they voted for songs that weren't on the last two albums."

Muse: "Fuck the fans, they'll keep paying to see us anyway. They are already butthurt from the screwing we gave them with the Asian setlists. I'm sure they won't feel as much pain if we screw them again."

Management: "Yeah, you're right. Do what you want.... OH! But make sure you make an effort for the last night at Wembley. That should make things alright again!"

Muse: "Fine."
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