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Originally Posted by Cheers
One night I dreamt that I was lost in an huge abandoned city during the night. It was freezing. I kept walking around like I was lost but I felt like I knew where I was going. I suppose I was trying to find any other sign of life because it felt creepy to not hearing anything, seeing any other people, not even some stray cat; the only 'life' would be that a few lamposts were still lit. After a long time of wandering around I started to panic, and I ran blindly into a dark alleyway. Suddenly I noticed a dark shape at a shadowy dead end, and as quietly as I could I nervously tip-toed up to it. It was a tent. I lifted a flap and inside was Matt, Dom, and Chris, sitting cross-legged and watching something on a small television while having a cup of coffee.

Then I just found myself crawling into the tent inside with them and Matt handed me a cup of coffee and a blanket, but he didn't say anything. All he did was nod seriously. For some weird reason nobody said a word, the only sound was the low, crackly noise from the TV and a little bit of rain. Then I watched TV with them in silence. Then I woke up.

That sounds quite pleasant, actually. I'd fancy a cup of coffee with those three in a tent right now
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