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Originally Posted by fam201 View Post
So, I still haven't put in my order for an MA-2 EVO. Wanted to give it some thought over Christmas . Anyway, I have a question considering the built-in Fuzz Factory: I haven't used one yet and I'm wondering how much of a disadvantage it is, that the only controls directly accessible are Stab and Comp (considering experimenting with the effect)? How difficult is it to fiddle with the other controls?
It's a matter of removing the back plate on the guitar and turning the remaining dials on the board. Stab and Comp are the controls that you mostly need to sculpt the sound of the fuzz though. For me, it's usually the case with the other three of finding the setting I like and keeping it there.

Edit: To clarify, I use the actual stompbox. So changing the other three when necessary is easier, but I don't do it very often.

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