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Originally Posted by trad3mark View Post
i dont know tbh. In all fairness, we probably shouldn't be even discussing it all lol!!! the less said about people's online activity the better!!

on a downloading type side note, Autodesk (the people who brought you 3dvismax, AutoCAD, Inventor etc) do a most excellent thing for students. Basically, the licences for their stuff is REALLY pricey, in excess of $1000 afaik, BUT, if you're a student, you can register, using your college e-mail address, and download student versions of a lot of their software for free! the student versions are basically the same as the full versions, except it prints a watermark on your work when you plot it. Now in fairness, the watermark is about a size 6 font, and says "Autodesk Educational Product" and it's at the very very edge of each of the sides of the page, so if you're really that bothered by it, you can guillotine it. Now, in my university for example, we're encouraged to use these versions over, lets say, a torrented version. So when we submit any material, even if it's for exams, or projects or whatever, the staff/lecturers etc, take no notice whatsoever. to be honest, that's absolutely legend of autodesk in my opinion.
Ill be a student on monday

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