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I think we can see some limits of Matt's abilities in songs like MK Ultra and The Handler, where the odd timing when combined with singing has meant that he either omitted the guitar part (MK Ultra) or intentionally cut off the mic feed so he could practice in a live setting before getting it right (The Handler). I honestly hope that he keeps practicing that, because that would really add an element to their music for me. Or just start using Morgan properly instead of just for show (which it feels like sometimes). Give the man a guitar!

Also despite how technically wanky it might sound, I really wish Muse would experiment with more technical stuff in terms of rhythm and time. I know they dabble with more time signature stuff than you might think, but that's not the point. I want something that SOUNDS weird. Like, back in 2006 they joked about almost becoming an experimental jazz band and I'm just like...yes. Give me Muse's take on that!

Something like this would suit Muse imo: (which I now realise is a bit like what Muse did with Popcorn. So yeah do that...but with something other than Popcorn.

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There's one really old interview that has Matt on an acoustic and he does some nice things I've never seen him do anywhere else. I think you're thinking of this.
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