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Originally Posted by Jobby View Post
Gotta disagree with those tbh

Fury and Map are ultra simple, both heavily reliant on effects to flesh ‘em out. I’d say the same for Dead Star and New Born as well tbh - the solos require tapping/trem picking technique but it’s pretty simple and short stuff. Then PIB’s just scale-work and a couple of chords really.
Oddly, I strongly disagreed with almost all of your selections too! Most of them would do nothing for me if I heard them cold as examples of exciting guitar work. Very different tastes there.

I included both Fury and MotP precisely because of their use of effects to create a really unique sound. As a guitarist myself, that's what I find exciting and interesting. My Bloody Valentine interest me more than Steve Vai! And I wasn't really considering the solos - certainly not as a stand alone thing. Maybe it's because I spent my teens shredding in a power metal band but solos now rarely impress or interest me unless they add to the feel/emotion and progression of a song, or do something really sonically unusual. So for example, I hate the solo in Invincible but love the solos in Sunburn or Citizen Erased. And a riff that thrills me is better again.

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