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Originally Posted by nature_3
everyone has had this kind of dreams involving matt,i think...
I've had no rude dreams about myself and Matt. My subconscious is really taking the piss. 6 years and no damn dream.

I have, however, dreamt that I was in the Bliss video with Matt, and hand in hand, we jumped. It was funny cos we were chatting on the way down...?!? I'm guessing we just kept falling, cos I don't remember landing. Best falling dream I've ever had.

I also dreamt I was in a really smoky pub with my Mum, and suddenly, Matt came in. Muse were meant to be performing, but the other two hadn't turned up. I sat at the end of the piano while Matt played it, but he burst into tears halfway through Sing for Absolution (???). I think he was upset that Chris and Dom weren't there.
Then, randomly, Matt was topless, and I was chatting to him, but he looked really rough. He signed my hat, and my favourite t-shirt, then I woke up.

Yes, I checked the t-shirt... No damn signature...
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the day i meet you will be the day i give up meeting more. my hunt will be over i'm sure.
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