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Originally Posted by Jobby View Post
oh god there's visuals and everything pls don't think I'm sad

TAB - deep blue, fades into green and red after the "take a bow" line
Starlight - yellow, changing to flashing green and red when the heavy bits kick in
Supermassive - mostly red with bits of purple
Map - most green with bits of red, yellow and pink
Easily - purple, pink and deep blue
Glorious - pink and yellow
Soldier's Poem - white and pale yellow
Invincible - yellow, changes to flashing green and red from the solo onwards
Assassin (w/ GOB in the middle) - red and orange, blue during GOB
Exo-Politics - mostly green but red during the choruses
City Of Delusion - white during the verses, red and orange during the choruses
Hoodoo - deep blue during the soft bits, white and yellow during the heavy bits
Knights - yellow, orange, white and red during the more energetic bits

TAB - silhouette men walking up stairs and falling off at the top, pretty much exactly like We Are The Universe
Starlight - animated man on a small boat at night, lights a lantern that floats up and morphs into the stars during the soft bit
Supermassive - pretty much the same as the arena tour just gone
Map - just generic digital numbers
Easily - moving Starlight and Supermassive single artworks
Glorious - moving Invincible single artwork
Soldier's Poem - cartoon ghosts slowly floating around a white screen, bit like the L/R Screenager visuals
Invincible - ghosts stop floating and gradually fade back into being people, all light up different colours and fly about from the solo onwards
Assassin - art style like a cross between the Animals video and the L/R Dark Shines visuals of a man being brainwashed by subliminal messages on the telly, joining an underground cult and assassinating some world leader
Exo-Politics - cartoon spaceships fighting satellites that shoot lasers above earth...yep
City Of Delusion - city in the desert with one big tower and a circular wall around it, people inside and outside bring the wall down by the end
Hoodoo - dusty desert landscape, like the album cover but without the dudes at the table
Knights - desert visuals start to glitch out and basically turn into the same Knights visuals as the 2015 festival tour

Most of those are dead cheesy/silly but that's hard to avoid with post-Abso material tbf
Tbf I do like curating my own gig in my head, as well as colours, visuals, and all that. So I can hardly be throwing around accusations of being sad.

I'd see different colours tbf if I was writing it. Take a Bow mainly being predominantly green for one (might be a hangover from HAARP, that), or Exo being blue and yellow, or CoD being mainly blue and red. I think there's a thread somewhere here of what colours you'd see to certain songs.
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