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Originally Posted by snowbean View Post
I was olly- I private messaged you. I joined on 15th July, I thought to both and it asked me to reregister on yesterday and now I have 2 passwords for one username but no code. Im confused and gutted. If I did make mistake of only joining message board and not (but Im sure I did!) does that make me not worthy of a code? i seems very unfair. Now touts will soak up whats left in Fridays sales and I'll not get to go

Thankyou for your help by the way- not sure if your in charge here or just know whats going on!
The pre-sale system was designed to minimise the number of people registering just to get tickets earlier than the general sale and then flogging them on eBay...although this has still happened, rather annoyingly. Unfortunately registering for just the messageboard wasn't enough, as the pre-sale codes were given to people who registered to be part of "The Resistance" duing the treasure hunt stage. It's not nice, but it's done for a reason. Best of luck with getting tickets on Friday!
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