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Originally Posted by Jaicen View Post
I'd say that's a more than reasonable price.
I've always wanted one of those...

Originally Posted by nerd herd View Post
New gutar for jaems90?
See above (probably) but I really should wait to see if the guitar show has anything to offer. 25th anniversary and everything.

Originally Posted by Bs View Post
I'm still around. Just got all excited at receiving an e-mail from Mansons and it's just a newsletter from the shop, haha! I'm still waiting for 'May/June' - I did rather assume they meant this year. If it gets towards September I'm going to have to e-mail them I think. Thought I'd have it by now.
Did you see anything in that email that could keep you busy in the mean time? That black DC thing is nice... not that I have any affiliation with the guy who put it up for consignment...

I thought that too, but I wouldn't be terribly surprised if they skipped breakfast today to finish your guitar. You know, because you said you're thinking of emailing them.

You can always email me too.

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