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Originally Posted by forevermusic View Post
I think I started a thread a while ago, but meh.

I love this song - its a song that is fantastic musically and also a great detail of personal problems in the desire for love.

The line 'But the moment never comes' seems to be a line of resignation - resigning yourself to missing out on your loved one. Least I think thats what it means...
That's what I think too.
It's about wanting so much to have someone, to be able to give that person all the love one has and still not being able to find that someone or maybe not being able to be with the one, because she/he doesn't want to...?
And the last line basically says that : ok, I I'm ready to give you may love, but you don't want it, so i'm done" - more or less.
I don't know if it makes any sense, but that's how I see it.
And btw, I love this song
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