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Originally Posted by L. View Post
Maybe we didn't explain ourselves clearly as this wasn't the case. The decision was made because from the survey we got quite a lot of feedback from people saying that the love boats was quite obscure and difficult to understand for newcomers and also a lot of people asked if we could open that area of the forum to include group threads so we decided to open it up and make it a 'community' section with individual and group thread. It's only afterwards that we thought that we could reintroduce a new user thread on there so that actually came last.
Have you guys thought about, oh I don't know, changing the description of the forum to something that actually describes the content? Because that would probably be the first thing to consider. A forum description isn't just there for looks.

So you want to have groups in there? Fantastic, let's do it. Create a group thread for new users, leave the name as it is, and change the description. Couldn't be simpler.
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