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Originally Posted by Kmusecian View Post
So Iím now back to home in Finland. Let me say first; OH MY GOD WHAT A GIG! The most insane show Iíve ever attended, and to be honest, this is going to be hard to beat.

I started queuing at 5.20am, at number 54. Long story short, the queuing was very well organized, the security people (especially Laura) were really friendly and open about everything. Things started to get messy with the O2 customers getting their own queue and literally people turning up right before doors got in same/better spots as fans that had been queuing forever! All the fans were really nice and everyone was in a great mood, this was my best queuing experience so far and it was fun to meet new people. We could hear them soundchecking Glorious, and we were making guesses about the first time, and we really liked the idea of Assassin starting the show.

When doors opened after 7pm/19.00, I got to the third row. That stage was so low I could barely see something. But after 9pm, when lights go out, crowd is shouting and the band walks on stage. And then, Assassin kicks in. Holy sh*t what a way to start. The crowd was so loud, everyone was pushing me from all sides, I couldnít breath and it was so hot, I started sweating instantly more than I had ever before. I knew I couldnít take the whole gig in that kind of circumstances. My glasses and phone were being dropped all the time, I nearly fell to the ground so many times, and I could already feel where I was going to get bruises, lol. Dead Star and then Muscle Museum, I was so excited, but I couldnít take it anymore. I literally felt like I was going to faint and die, and I got an asthma and a panic attack, I just had to run away/squeeze out from the front as nobody couldnít hear or see me asking for help. The rest of the show, I couldnít see anything, and I was feeling like sh*t, but it was totally worth it. The setlist was so spot-on, and the performances of the songs were amazing. Iím disappointed in myself that I couldnít stay at the front for the entire show, but I never felt so bad in my life, and I wanted to hear all the songs. And thereís really no reason to complain, I got tickets to the show and heard every song. So unforgettable, this show made history.

Iím now uploading the songs I got to Youtube, Iíll make sure to post links here (Spoilers: they are so shaky and bad angle, but sound is very good!)

Easily and Showbiz already uploaded;
Originally Posted by Clunge View Post
I'm sorry to hear about that - but it only reinforces my belief that being right at the front is quite literally the worst place to be at any gig. It was always going to be utterly insane down there.
Reminds me of my experience at Reading 2011 - I felt exactly the same way and escaped over the barrier and missed Micro Cuts, Screenager, Dark Shines. I think that was my festival naivety though not expecting that.

However, I think it is just luck in terms of placement. I deliberately hovered at the back of the floor by the sound desk for this one purposefully to try and avoid that and it was still the mightiest squeeze and I couldn't see a damn thing because of the low floor. I was also getting incredibly hot and breathless so moved over to the left hand side nearer the stairs around half way through. More space but sadly the sound was a bit meh from there (and still couldn't see anything)

Still a great show and I'm very thankful I got to be a part of it, but I'm really not cut out for these intense floor experiences
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