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It's especially harsh if you don't shell out for VIP and still have to wait in line all day just to be close enough to the stage to see. In the 360 waiting all day got you 2-3 people from the barrier, the last "early entry" gig I went to (I wasn't early entry) on an end stage, I waited 3 or so hours in line (didn't know about the early entry) and I was nearly 10 people back from the stage.

The meet and greet would at least have be something to pay for. The band is really hard to meet in the US anyways.
Sad that they're taking that sort of money, but they can't be arsed to do a meet and greet.
Yeah, when I saw them in Prague last summer, I waited all day in line and was probably the 20th into the venue but there were already so many people on the rail around the stage. So frustrating.. I barely even got a spot on the rail, even with the massive stage..
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