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you as my hero for numbers+ sales and statistical theoretical things

can you assume how many they have earned from that tour ?

i mean at wembley 10 million$ awesome
Hypothetical Tour Grosses:

40 million (USD) - BH&R Tour including just under 7 million gross ticket sales from the two Wembley shows

120 million (USD) - The Resistance Tour including stadiums, festivals and U2 support

100 million (USD) - The 2nd Law Tour including stadiums and festivals - More dates may be added

Gross ticket sales revenue less costs and expenses below and taxes due on adjusted income:

Booking agent fees (10%-15%)

Tour costs including promoter and venue fees, stage construction, setup, crew, transport, food and lodging, legal and insurance, the tour manager, support bands and of course Morgan N, Tom K, and Charles the robot

Management fees (15%-20%)

HM Revenue & Customs (40p to 50p marginal tax rate for higher earners) and taxes due in other countries which can be credited against what is owed in the UK

For each 50 ticket sold, the band may theoretically pocket an estimated 6 to 9 after taxes. Margins are usually greater on merchandise sales and smaller on album sales and song licensing royalties. Margins on digital singles sales and on-demand audio and video streaming are minuscule.

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