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Well, apparently it's reasonable now to hate something not only before it comes out, but before any previews of it are released and before it is even confirmed to be happening. I mean, please correct me if I'm not understanding this correctly, but isn't the only known thing about this album some pictures of Matt holding an acoustic guitar?

Isn't it unfair to judge an entire album based on the one unconfirmed thing people know about it? Remember when people freaked out about The 2nd Law because "it was a dubstep album"? Then the album came out, and, whether you liked it or not, only four of the thirteen tracks slightly resembled dubstep.

And SS, I wholeheartedly agree that people shouldn't blindly go in liking this album just because it's Muse, either. I'm certainly not saying that this album will definitely be good. In fact, that's my whole point, that we as fans shouldn't have preconceptions, good or bad, about how a thing is going to be without more confirmed information about it. At least with The 2nd Law, we had the excuse that Muse trolled all of us by releasing the dubstep track as the album's trailer.

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I'm assuming this is sarcasm, then?

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And didn't you whine about how people weren't accepting of others opinions (before fleeing the scene when you realised you fucked up) just a little while ago? Did you just mean opinions that you agree with? (Well, we all already know you did)
Y'all really aren't going to let that go, are you? Fine, you know what? Maybe I overreacted back then, and maybe I overreacted here, but I just find it highly illogical to automatically hate something when the only thing confirmed about it is a silly Facebook picture. But again, maybe I'm missing something else about this album that you guys are aware of.
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