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Originally Posted by TheHappySpaceman View Post
Hey-hey, I'm back in this forum to find that it's just as optimistic as ever!

Honestly, I wouldn't mind more acoustic guitars being used in a new album. When Matt or Chris have pulled out the acoustic in the past, it has resulted in some pretty good tracks. Remember Soldier's Poem? Or City of Delusion? Or Hoodoo? Or, oh, here's a good one, Unintended? Yeah, those are all pretty beloved songs from what I understand, so I see no reason why the new album would suck apart from a bunch of pessimists hating on something just because it isn't Origin of Symmetry.

Give it a chance, guys. You may wind up liking it.
Out of the nine posters so far in this thread, four were positive and and a half were negative. Then we had Jobby who was simply saying there's no reason to take this stuff seriously, and the rest of the posts were just random talk.

Maybe, if you do some reflecting you might find that it's you who perceive everything as pessimistic. Maybe you're not such a happy spaceman after all.

And didn't you whine about how people weren't accepting of others opinions (before fleeing the scene when you realised you fucked up) just a little while ago? Did you just mean opinions that you agree with? (Well, we all already know you did)
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