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I know---I actually feel kind of bad posting on here that I was lucky enough to be there, as I know if I was the one reading that Citizen Erased was played to 50 people, I would have imploded!!!! It truly was one of the most incredible experiences I have ever had in my life. Both the band and the people attending were DEF into it. All the guys were VERY gracious...beyond anything they had to be, that's for sure. The thing that made me keel over is when the radio people were going to take the group pic, they were just going to have the guys on the catwalk, and us at the barrier....and Matt said-----"Wouldn't you guys all rather come up on the stage?? Why don';t you all just come up here?" And so on top of a "private" Citizen Erased performance, Matt turned it into a meet-the-band situation, with us being able to go onstage. So I took full advantage of that and got to talk to Matt, get a hug from him, get my CD signed, and get a few pics with him, too. What a day......!!!
wow, can't even imagine the thrill of this. also, that's why i love matt, he genuinely loves his fans.
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