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Originally Posted by TheHappySpaceman View Post
Hey-hey, I'm back in this forum to find that it's just as optimistic as ever!

Honestly, I wouldn't mind more acoustic guitars being used in a new album. When Matt or Chris have pulled out the acoustic in the past, it has resulted in some pretty good tracks. Remember Soldier's Poem? Or City of Delusion? Or Hoodoo? Or, oh, here's a good one, Unintended? Yeah, those are all pretty beloved songs from what I understand, so I see no reason why the new album would suck apart from a bunch of pessimists hating on something just because it isn't Origin of Symmetry.

Give it a chance, guys. You may wind up liking it.
I wouldn't call City of Delusion or Hoodoo acoustic songs. Using an acoustic guitar as one of
many insturement doesn't make heavily produced tracks acoustic.

I think Muse's only songs that can currently qualify as acoustic are Soldiers Poem, Unintended and Map of your head. If more of that excites you then fair enough, but personally I don't think Matt has a strong enough lyrical ability or is able to resist his tendency to write cheesy melodies, which is why this rumour doesn't sound amazing.
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