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You stole my overture
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Sunburn x4
Muscle Museum x3
Showbiz x2
Unintended x1

Origin of symmetry
Bliss x6
New Born x6
Citizen Erased x4
Plug in baby x6
Microcuts x2
Feeling Good x3
Megalomania x1

Hysteria x6
Sing for absolution x2
Ruled by secrecy x2
Butterflies and hurricanes x5
Time is running out x6
Blackout x2
Stockholm syndrome x6
Thoughts of a dying atheist x1
The Smallprint x1
Apocalypse Please x1

Black Holes And Revelations
Knights of Cydonia x4
Supermassive Black Hole x4
Map of the problematique x 4
Invincible x4
Starlight x4
Take a bow x4
Assassin x1
Hoodoo x2
City of delusion x1
Soldiers poem x1

Fury x1
Man of mystery x1
Crying Shame x1
Dead Star x1
Forced in x2
Dracula Mountain (instrumental)
Close Encounters riff
Maggie's Farm x3
Ashamed Outro
Agitated Outro x2
Space Dementia outro
Burning Bridges Instrumental
Heartbreaker Riff x2
Hyper Condriac Music outro
Burning Bridges Riff
Whole Lotta Love Jam
Osaka Jam

Thought i would add everything lol

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